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Welcome to Palaeontologists Against Systemic Racism

We are palaeontologists & palaeoartists who want to remove the systematic racism from palaeontology. This group was founded by racially underrepresented palaeontologists from around the globe. All are welcome to join the association and support the cause as allies.

Our purpose is to remove the systematic racism present in the fields of palaeontology and palaeoart. This is a momentous and long-term goal, while they say Rome wasn’t made in a day, neither were the fossil beds. Such change can only be achieved by working with the whole community.

The Association will carry out activities to support underrepresented racial groups & these affected by racial discrimination. This is alongside engaging with institutions, raising awareness, proposing & implementing solutions and publishing research on systematic racism

How can you take part? Join the association, follow us on social media, or email or message us.